“Let’s get back to the basics of Love…”


The first person that names that song wins a trip to Luckenbach! (P.S. I’ve been to Luckenbach and let’s just say there’s a reason it was just Willie, Waylon, & the boys there…)

As school is coming to an end for the summer…

As children are starting to drive their parents nuts because spring fever has officially set in…

And as we are all going our separate ways…

I think it’s time to get back to the basics. (Of Love…)

I always think I’m too busy to do this or that or go here or there, even though I do more often than not, and I should be slapped for that. There is always a little extra time to lend a helping hand, write another paper, or offer another smile. That being said I am glad that all summer I will not have to write another paper…I think.

This summer, I will be driving back and forth from Colorado to Texas working at various places, doing various jobs that will be beneficial to my heath and overall well-being. (I haven’t said that phrase in a long time so I thought here would be the appropriate place…Oh and I almost just spelt “phrase” as “fraze.” That’s what I get for drinking milk after midnight.)

I do have a point here…

My point is that I am going to do more blogging but it’s going to have a new theme…I am going to document all my “adventures” and “travels” over the summer and…well..that’s really as far as I have gotten but, it’s new and improved so that’s all that matters!

I pray that you bear with me in these next few days because those days are FINALS. The time in his/her life that a college student dreads the most. I don’t have emotions anymore. I just have finals. I don’t have fun anymore. I just have finals…Just kidding, I still have fun. But you see my point…

So I’m letting Willie, and Waylon, and the boys help me to get back to the basics of love…




Peace, Love, & Until summertime…


P.S. Yesterday it was Willie Nelson’s birthday…Willie Nelson touched my head when I was a little girl. Ergo, yesterday was a celebratory day for all us Willie followers. The End.




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