Pop: Cuff Maker Extraordinaire

It’s time to brag on Pop.

Pop does a lot of things for his grandchildren.

  • He brings us gifts on Valentines Day without fail.
  • He drives through miles of blizzard conditions to retrieve the coveted Krispy Kreme donut.
  • He would always pick us up from school with only a moments notice.
  • He lets me sit in The Chair. (His chair.)
  • And he makes us things.

Beautiful things are what he makes his dear grandchildren. Whether it be bits, spurs, or a cuff that would make any fine jeweler spit in envy.


This is the cuff I requested be made for me over Christmas break.

You see, I have always considered myself Pops favorite. Now, this illusion is only in my head and has always brought me great comfort so people just let me belive it. I thank these people. But, when I returned home to find that Pop had made my Lovely Sister her very own cuff FIRST, I was distraught. I immediately called Pop and demanded that he make me cuff or be cut off forever.

I wish I could say that I am kidding but I am not. No I’m not spoiled…why would you say such a thing?

So Pop, being the A#1 Grandpa that he is, immediately complied and furnished me with my very own David Temp original.

And I will wear it err’day for the rest of my life. Amen.


Oh, and we also worked out an agreement that he is to make Engagement Rings for me and my Lovely Sis when that time comes…Amen again.


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