I don’t think there has been an instance in the entirety of my family’s life where one of us hasn’t been wearing a hat.

I don’t know the reason.

Maybe it’s because they’re practical?

Maybe it’s because we don’t like the sun in our eyes?

Or maybe it’s because we all have such big heads that we need a distraction?

Whatever the reason…I can assure you that you will never find one of us without a lid on our heads.

Even if the lid is ridiculous…

What can I say? I fancy myself a Southern Belle.


But most of the time, the lid is adorable.


It’s been known to be matching of several occasions. Despite my Lovely Sisters wishes…


More often than not it sits aboard a Top Hand.


When it sits aboard this fellow it’s used to attract the Ladies.


And often, your lid makes you think of a Chris LeDoux song. Amen.


Peace, Love, & “You’ll ride a black tornado ‘cross the western sky
Rope an ol blue northern and milk it till it’s dry
Bulldog the Mississippi, pin it’s ears down flat
Long before you take this cowboys hat…”

Sweet T


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