15 Facts

I’m stealing this blog idea from my Aunt Tori. Just like I steal her clothes, her food, and sometimes her kids.

I’m going to give you 15 very interesting *cough*cough*sarcastic sigh* facts about myself that I hope you don’t already know. However, there is a good chance that you already know most of these “very interesting” facts but I am here to shed some light on them. Amen.

1. I have been to a Taylor Swift concert. (I thought I better open up with a life changing fact.)

My whole family is full of Die-Hard T-Swift fans. Yes, even my Dad and brother. What can I say? We know good music when we hear it.


2. I have been living in a make-believe world since birth.

Sometimes I’m a hippie. Sometimes I’m an Native American. Sometimes I’m Scarlett O’Hara. And more often than not I am all three.


3. I don’t watch much TV. But when I do. It’s old, and usually involves people with southern accents…or at least Clark Gable.


4. I am the oldest of three chil’ren.

But don’t worry…that doesn’t stop them from beating me up. Day after day after day…


5. I’m not athletic.

Never have been, never will be. Despite my efforts.

This is how I spent most of my games…Surronded by men in uniform and carrying a bouquet of flowers. Hardy har har. Not really, but if given the choice….Well, nevermind. You get the point.


6. I’m not really an animal lover.

I know that’s strange coming from a girl who basically grew up at a feedyard, but the feeling just isn’t there. I’m more of a people lover I guess. That is, until it comes to cattle.

I just love ’em.

They’re playful, they’re cute, not to mention they make great meals, and great floor coverings.

Moving on…


7.  My love for junk knows no bounds.

I can rarely go anywhere (junk stores, the feedyard, my backyard, etc., etc…) where I don’t find something that I think needs my love.  It could be a chair, a piece of wood, or even a tin can…it really doesn’t matter what it is, I’m convinced I can take it home with me and make it part of the family.


8. My love for boots knows no bounds.

But then again, I’m pretty sure everyone already knew that.


9. I’m a die-hard cupcake fan.

Even though I haven’t had one in ages…Hmm. Maybe I just planned my afternoon?


10. I’ve been in love.

With this guy.

My Alotofbull.

He will forever hold my heart. Amen.


11. Virginia has had to put up with some crazy Texans because of me.

We took my “Senior trip” there and it was a blast.

And the tobacco fields are gorgeous!

Not that I would be interested in them…


12. It is hard for me to come up with 15 very interesting facts about myself. Amen.


13. I can pick up things with my toes. TMI? Well that’s life kid.


14. I am a wanna-be photographer.

Don’t ask me what that is.

I don’t know.


15. Today is National Day of the Cowboy!

And that’s my favorite day of the Year.


Peace, Love, & You have no idea how long this post took me.

Sweet T


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