I’m Baaaack!

(For a week anyways…)

This past week it is very possible that you experienced a disease I like to call “YouMissedMeSoMuchThatYouCriedForDaysAndDaysAmen” (If you cannot pronounce that word don’t fret…many people can’t. You’re still perfectly normal.)

If this disease inflicted you, your symptoms would resemble the following:

  • Severe anxiety attacks
  • Weeping
  • Over-Consumption of sugary products
  • And in rare cases: Addiction to the movie “Gone with the Wind”

It is also possible that this past week your life went right along as usual, and you missed me none whatsoever…

If this is the case Goodbye Forever.

Just kidding.

Instead I would like to show you what I have been getting myself into…

We left the Wood household on Monday morning after a night of eating at Mini’s Dairy Delight, admiring Mimi and Preston’s new paint job, eating a delicious breakfast, and checking the air pressure on all four tires. (manually like real champs…Everything about this statement shows I know nothing about automobiles…or plains….or trains.) Colorado was our destination, and we made it safely with only a few stops on the way.

Stops that involved pie….

…old buildings that I would’ve moved into…

…and men of Native American decent.

Then we hit our destination.

The cutest little bunk house I’ve ever laid eyes upon!

Me and my Lovely Sister took this trip to Colorado for business purposes *cough*cough* as well as *cough* fun purposes.

Ok, ok mostly fun. But I did learn while having fun, which is the only way to do it. Can I get an Amen?

Thank you.

You see, I’ve been working for one of the best Graphic Design companies this side of the Mississippi! (I’ve been wanting to say “this side of the Mississippi!” for some time now…forgive me.) Broken Spear Designs is owned and operated by Emily Cranson and specializes in all things Western, fun, funky, Cowgirl, Cowboy, Buffaloguy, Buffalogal, cool, awesome, etc., etc…

Emily has been kind enough to put up with all my questions, and has taught me quit a bit along the way.

So like I said, our Colorado trip was for business.

We made business cards for Cherrycow!

Coming to a…um…er…well, somewhere near you!

And then after we did that we went to the lake. Because a hard days work deserves some lake time. We tubed, we skied…(Ok, Ok…I attempted to ski while the rest of the bunch (yes even my Lovely Sister) skied like Olympians.) and we ate Chocolate-Chip cookies made by Autumn and Missy Allen that would put Paula Deen’s to shame. Amen.

So as you can see our trip to Colorado was definitely a fun-filled one.

It was junk filled too.

But then again, what good trip isn’t?

Peace, Love, & A big thank you to all of you New Mexicans and Coloradoans that put up with us Texans this week. We know it was tough.

Sweet T

P.S. Go like Broken Spear Designs on facebook or we can’t be friends anymore.

Just kidding…Kinda.


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