I don’t think there has been an instance in the entirety of my family’s life where one of us hasn’t been wearing a hat.

I don’t know the reason.

Maybe it’s because they’re practical?

Maybe it’s because we don’t like the sun in our eyes?

Or maybe it’s because we all have such big heads that we need a distraction?

Whatever the reason…I can assure you that you will never find one of us without a lid on our heads.

Even if the lid is ridiculous…

What can I say? I fancy myself a Southern Belle.


But most of the time, the lid is adorable.


It’s been known to be matching of several occasions. Despite my Lovely Sisters wishes…


More often than not it sits aboard a Top Hand.


When it sits aboard this fellow it’s used to attract the Ladies.


And often, your lid makes you think of a Chris LeDoux song. Amen.


Peace, Love, & “You’ll ride a black tornado ‘cross the western sky
Rope an ol blue northern and milk it till it’s dry
Bulldog the Mississippi, pin it’s ears down flat
Long before you take this cowboys hat…”

Sweet T


15 Facts

I’m stealing this blog idea from my Aunt Tori. Just like I steal her clothes, her food, and sometimes her kids.

I’m going to give you 15 very interesting *cough*cough*sarcastic sigh* facts about myself that I hope you don’t already know. However, there is a good chance that you already know most of these “very interesting” facts but I am here to shed some light on them. Amen.

1. I have been to a Taylor Swift concert. (I thought I better open up with a life changing fact.)

My whole family is full of Die-Hard T-Swift fans. Yes, even my Dad and brother. What can I say? We know good music when we hear it.


2. I have been living in a make-believe world since birth.

Sometimes I’m a hippie. Sometimes I’m an Native American. Sometimes I’m Scarlett O’Hara. And more often than not I am all three.


3. I don’t watch much TV. But when I do. It’s old, and usually involves people with southern accents…or at least Clark Gable.


4. I am the oldest of three chil’ren.

But don’t worry…that doesn’t stop them from beating me up. Day after day after day…


5. I’m not athletic.

Never have been, never will be. Despite my efforts.

This is how I spent most of my games…Surronded by men in uniform and carrying a bouquet of flowers. Hardy har har. Not really, but if given the choice….Well, nevermind. You get the point.


6. I’m not really an animal lover.

I know that’s strange coming from a girl who basically grew up at a feedyard, but the feeling just isn’t there. I’m more of a people lover I guess. That is, until it comes to cattle.

I just love ’em.

They’re playful, they’re cute, not to mention they make great meals, and great floor coverings.

Moving on…


7.  My love for junk knows no bounds.

I can rarely go anywhere (junk stores, the feedyard, my backyard, etc., etc…) where I don’t find something that I think needs my love.  It could be a chair, a piece of wood, or even a tin can…it really doesn’t matter what it is, I’m convinced I can take it home with me and make it part of the family.


8. My love for boots knows no bounds.

But then again, I’m pretty sure everyone already knew that.


9. I’m a die-hard cupcake fan.

Even though I haven’t had one in ages…Hmm. Maybe I just planned my afternoon?


10. I’ve been in love.

With this guy.

My Alotofbull.

He will forever hold my heart. Amen.


11. Virginia has had to put up with some crazy Texans because of me.

We took my “Senior trip” there and it was a blast.

And the tobacco fields are gorgeous!

Not that I would be interested in them…


12. It is hard for me to come up with 15 very interesting facts about myself. Amen.


13. I can pick up things with my toes. TMI? Well that’s life kid.


14. I am a wanna-be photographer.

Don’t ask me what that is.

I don’t know.


15. Today is National Day of the Cowboy!

And that’s my favorite day of the Year.


Peace, Love, & You have no idea how long this post took me.

Sweet T

I’m Baaaack!

(For a week anyways…)

This past week it is very possible that you experienced a disease I like to call “YouMissedMeSoMuchThatYouCriedForDaysAndDaysAmen” (If you cannot pronounce that word don’t fret…many people can’t. You’re still perfectly normal.)

If this disease inflicted you, your symptoms would resemble the following:

  • Severe anxiety attacks
  • Weeping
  • Over-Consumption of sugary products
  • And in rare cases: Addiction to the movie “Gone with the Wind”

It is also possible that this past week your life went right along as usual, and you missed me none whatsoever…

If this is the case Goodbye Forever.

Just kidding.

Instead I would like to show you what I have been getting myself into…

We left the Wood household on Monday morning after a night of eating at Mini’s Dairy Delight, admiring Mimi and Preston’s new paint job, eating a delicious breakfast, and checking the air pressure on all four tires. (manually like real champs…Everything about this statement shows I know nothing about automobiles…or plains….or trains.) Colorado was our destination, and we made it safely with only a few stops on the way.

Stops that involved pie….

…old buildings that I would’ve moved into…

…and men of Native American decent.

Then we hit our destination.

The cutest little bunk house I’ve ever laid eyes upon!

Me and my Lovely Sister took this trip to Colorado for business purposes *cough*cough* as well as *cough* fun purposes.

Ok, ok mostly fun. But I did learn while having fun, which is the only way to do it. Can I get an Amen?

Thank you.

You see, I’ve been working for one of the best Graphic Design companies this side of the Mississippi! (I’ve been wanting to say “this side of the Mississippi!” for some time now…forgive me.) Broken Spear Designs is owned and operated by Emily Cranson and specializes in all things Western, fun, funky, Cowgirl, Cowboy, Buffaloguy, Buffalogal, cool, awesome, etc., etc…

Emily has been kind enough to put up with all my questions, and has taught me quit a bit along the way.

So like I said, our Colorado trip was for business.

We made business cards for Cherrycow!

Coming to a…um…er…well, somewhere near you!

And then after we did that we went to the lake. Because a hard days work deserves some lake time. We tubed, we skied…(Ok, Ok…I attempted to ski while the rest of the bunch (yes even my Lovely Sister) skied like Olympians.) and we ate Chocolate-Chip cookies made by Autumn and Missy Allen that would put Paula Deen’s to shame. Amen.

So as you can see our trip to Colorado was definitely a fun-filled one.

It was junk filled too.

But then again, what good trip isn’t?

Peace, Love, & A big thank you to all of you New Mexicans and Coloradoans that put up with us Texans this week. We know it was tough.

Sweet T

P.S. Go like Broken Spear Designs on facebook or we can’t be friends anymore.

Just kidding…Kinda.

On the Road Again…And Again.

I recall that two days ago I did a HUGE catch-up post.

I also recall thinking in my head that I would not let myself get that behind ever again.

And now I am recalling to never think things in my head because, well…because I just shouldn’t go there.

What I’m trying to say here folks is that it will probably be some time before I get to blog again. No, no it’s nothing you did, and it’s nothing I did…well, actually it is something I did, or rather something I am going to do.  I am going to be in and out of Texas for the next few weeks (give or take) and I find it very hard to blog while hittin’ the road. So please forgive me in advance…or thank me…whatever you prefer.

And for now I leave you with this…

A picture of the Popster.

There is rarely a time when I look at a picture of Pop that I don’t smile.

Maybe it’s because he’s so photogenic…

Maybe it’s because he rocks the aviators…

Or maybe it’s because I know he hates when I take pictures of him…

Yep. I think that last one is the winner. Amen.


Peace, Love, & Keep it real out there.

Sweet T

Old is In

Me and my Lovely sister have made a discovery.

We love old things.

This is no new discovery to me. I have always know that I am an “old soul.” Mostly I’ve known this because A)People have told me B)People have made fun of me for it and C)My favorite movies usually involve Clark Gable…’nuff said.

I have taken up junkin’ as anyone with eyes can tell. Just come take a look at our barn…it is FULL of junk much to my parents dismay. But really they can not blame me for it because I come from a long line of junkers, on BOTH sides of the family.

So on Sunday night when my Gran brought her mother’s old hats to us at church me and my Lovely Sister could hardly contain ourselves. We “oohed” and “aahed” at the hats. Then we put the hats on and pranced around in them…naturally.

So I have vowed never to buy a “new” thing again. I will just buy old, used treasures that have stories behind them, and character that no “new” thing will ever know.

I will buy my clothes new…on most occasions. Amen.


Peace, Love, & Go clean out your attics and let me have what is in them.


Sweet T

Battle in the Saddle

Oh Lands…

It’s been so long. Too long.

And I have so much to blog about, and so little time!

Just kidding, I actually have lots of time because it is 9:00 on a Tuesday evening, and I have already managed to ship a few cattle, name a few chickens, change the world, yada, yada, yada…so a little down time is going to be nice right now.

I don’t remember the last time I blogged.  All I remember is spending a week in Oklahoma City, bearing the heat, humidity, and panic attacks from eating too much frosting. And then spending another week doing nothing but painting, sanding, painting again, and uttering the occasional “Cotton-Pickin’!” or “Oh my lands!” when things took a turn for the worse…or better.  (Both phrases I picked up from my parents. What filthy mouths they have.)

So sit back…grab a bag of pistachios (my drug of choice this week) and enjoy the show…or story…or junk emails? Whatever my blog is to you…

Our story begins in Oklahoma City…where we chose to spend the 4th. Ok we didn’t choose, it just so happened that Daddy was going to be competing at Battle in the Saddle that day/weekend so we made this trip a regular party. (When you’re part of the Townsend family every trips a party.)

It also happened to be my dear friend Shandi’s 19th birthday. (You know, it makes me feel old when I can say that I have friends that are 19.  I remember being a 9-year-old on the bus being scared of the 19 year olds that listened to Britney Spears in the back of the bus.  Then again, I was a skeerdy cat until, um…yesterday.) We took advantage of this birthday and celebrated.  We celebrated with a plate of Italian food that would make The Godfather cry.


The sad thing is…we finished it. Well, most of it. And what we didn’t eat we took back to the hotel with us and one girl (I won’t name names but she is blood related to me if that means anything to you…) finished off the last of the spaghetti a few nights later. You can never accuse us of wasting perfectly good food.

It was a good birthday…for all of us. (And I’m not just saying that because I got to indulge in a huge plate of food! Ok…yes I am.)

Now for the main reason we were in OKC…

Battle in the Saddle.

That name makes you cringe a little doesn’t it. It sounds so valiant. So avant guarde. So fierce. Ok, so maybe that’s just me…

Daddy and Crofoot (his trusty grey companion) competed in so many events that I lost count, and names of what they even were. But one event does stand out.

Daddy got asked to compete in the World’s Greatest Horseman Shootout representing the AQHA (America’s Quarter Horse Association.)  It was a qualifying event for the actual Worlds Greatest Horseman Show that takes place every year in San Angelo.  Daddy along with another man-made up “Team AQHA” and were competing against four other organizations for the top spot.  The #1 individual of course, won the honors of a paid entry fee to WGH.  While Daddy did not rain #1 that day, he did receive 2nd place individually and Team AQHA took the #1 spot overall.  Daddy was definitely blessed that day.  And when he see’s that I blogged about this he will probably be irritated with me because he’s a humble feller.  Good thing I’m use to being irritating.

PIcture #1: Daddy on the big screen.  Probably the only time anyone in our family will be on a big screen. That is, unless him and my Mama are caught on the kissing cam at a game or something.  And if that ever happens one of them will probably pass out.

Picture #2: The infamous “Q” (standing for aQha of course…) painted on Crofoot’s hip.

Picture #3: Daddy and Cro in a conformation class. This is funny because me and my siblings use to partake in this event every summer during 4-H Horse Shows. I think it’s safe to say we loathed them due to the heat, bugs, etc., so now Daddy-O gets to experience our…well, experience.

After we received word of Daddy’s winnings we decided right then and there that we had to celebrate. So we did what any party-hardy family would do…

We went and got cupcakes.

A dozen cupcakes to be exact (and one carmeled apple) from a store called “Pinkitzel.”

Where cowboys do their best to blend…but fail miserably.

OKC treated us pretty darn good.

Week 2 will be discussed throughly tomorrow.


Peace, Love, & For as much ragging as I do on Oklahoma I’m becoming quite partial to it. Forgive me Texas.

Sweet T


Independence Day

It’s Independence Day!

That means fireworks, hotdogs, sunburns, and driving in the pickup for 6 hours to OKC for Battle in the Saddle!

Oh you mean you’re not doing that too?

Well, the Townsend clan is and we are all decked out in our Red, White, and Blue for the occassion…Ok. Ok…so I’m the only one wearing enough Red, White, & Blue for all of Texas but Hey it’s only the Independence Day once a year.

It is also my dear friend, Shandi’s 19th birthday today!

(I’m not sure what she is doing in this picture, but she’s wearing Red, White, & Blue and looks festive so I figured it was appropriate. Amen.) 

Happy birthday Dawg!

(What? You don’t call your friends “dawg” too?)

Everyone have a great 4th!

Remember to be safe, pop lots of firecrackers, and eat an extra piece of cake for me.


Peace, Love, & Uncle Sam’s outfit ain’t got nothin’ on me.

Sweet T