The Weekend

It’s Friday.

It’s the weekend.

It’s time to relax.

It’s time to not relax.

It’s time to travel.

It’s time to stay home and build chicken coops…(The Brahman Breeders recent activities have included this.)

Whatever you do this weekend, whether it be eating watermelon, going to the lake, going to a rodeo, back-packing across America (I don’t suggest that by the way….) or doing absolutely nothing…Whatever it is…have fun doing it. Just like Miss Scout always does with everything she takes part in. Amen.

And “The End.”


Peace, Love, & Not that I have a great amount of experience back-packing across America…It just doesn’t seem like a feat that can be conquered in one weekend…but then again what do I know?

Sweet T (Who knows absolutely nothing about nothing…remember?)



50% of my Day is spent outdoors. (Painting, sanding, swimming, running, etc., etc…)

50% is spent indoors. (Working on the computer, eating, bathing, other necessities, etc., etc…)

***Sidenote: When I’m working on the computer I’m working for Broken Spear Designs. A graphic design business run by our good friend Emily Cranson. She does terrific work, and lots of hard work. And I just update a few websites, take a few pictures, and bother a lot of people with questions. It’s what I’m good at. I’m very blessed to have the opportunity to work with such a great Lady & a great business! P.S. Go check Broken Spear Designs out on Facebook or the website which is linked above. Amen.***

However now my percentage has been shaken. Because this little beauty was introduced into my life…

Err’body meet Jolene the Jigsaw.

She’s bad to the bone.

Well, actually I don’t know because I haven’t used her yet but, I just know she is.

I’ve known for a while that there was a handy-lady in me just waiting to burst out, and as soon as the thought entered my mind that I could cut things out of wood, metal, etc., (who’da thunk it?) I knew it was time to unleash her.

So yesterday when we went to the mall I bought a Jigsaw…and then proceeded to walk around the mall carrying Jolene the Jigsaw telling everybody that no task was too big for me because I had a Jigsaw.

It’s the little things in life that make me happy.

Be prepared to see lots of things cut out of wood, metal, and the tin on the side of our barn (Don’t tell my Dad) appearing in your neighborhood very soon.


Peace, Love, & My next powertool purchase will be a Drill. And then there will be no stopping me.

Sweet T

Cherrycow Headquarters

I’ve been tossin’ and I’ve been turnin’ over what the future holds for me when it comes to a career.

(A career. You know? That thing that we’re supposed to get when we get old and can’t live off our parents anymore?)

As far as I can tell, when it comes to a job, all the future holds for me is a Jigsaw, a sander, and A LOT of turquoise paint…and that fact tickles me pink. Er…I mean, turquoise!

What I’m trying to say is that the Handbag line you have grown to know as “Sweet T Handbags” is forever changed into….*Drum Roll Please*….Cherrycow Headquarters!

I know it’s a bit of an inconvenient and sudden change, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

I love Sweet T. It’s who I am, and it’s still my “name” and it’s still my Handbag line but, as far as store fronts go the name shall forever more be Cherrycow Headquarters. (Kind of has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? And it makes me hungry…Oh wait? That’s everything…)

Where did Cherrycow Headquarters come from you ask? Well lemme ‘splain…

It all started when my Dad made me read this book, “The Cowboy Life of James L. Kenney.”

It was the perfect book. It made me laugh…it made me cry…it made me want to marry a cowboy just like James L. Kenney (fingers crossed) and it took part in a ranch called(you guessed it,) Cherrycow Headquarters.

And as you can imagine, I fell in love with the name instantly. (I also fell in love with James L. Kenney but, that’s another story…)

I fell in love because it’s a pretty name…

It’s a funky name…

It’s a Western name…

and I like cows. (And cherries and headquarters. Amen.)

So what I am going for here is that Cherrycow Headquarters will be same song, different beat as Sweet T Handbags. Or different song, same beat..?

Different song, same artist?

Oh, nevermind.

Ladies and Gentlemen….Cherrycow Headquarters welcomes you and loves you. Amen.


Peace, Love, & Pray for me and my jigsaw

(Still) Sweet T (Owner of CherryCow Headqarters…ya dig?)

The End of a War

Sweet T here.

I just wanted to let you all know that I am alive! But barely.

After I blogged yesterday about my parents afternoon activities, they seemed to instantly know that I had done something wrong. I didn’t pay any mind to them though because they usually walk around and look at me with a suspicious or sarcastic face because I am indeed being suspicious or sarcastic. (I can’t help it, I inherited it from my parents.)

This time was different though…they knew.

My Mother kept glaring at me and saying something about a new place of residency, and my Dad said something along the lines of “Do people just sit around and stare at the cotton-pickin’ computer all day?!”

Just kidding, he didn’t really say “cotton-pickin'” I just thought he should have.

Well since someone snitched on me, I am here to offer a truce…

(And a threat to whoever snitched…Mark my words foe, I WILL get even.)

There. I hope everyone is happy because I will probably never get married now after my FH (future husband) sees that picture.

Oh well, I’ll just live with my parents forever and take pictures of them sun-bathing.


Peace, Love, & It is finished.

Sweet T

Goodbye Forever

Today I was going to blog about a lot of things.

I was going to blog about the recent junk that has been created around my house, or how yesterday my Lovely Sister beat me up, or about the scars I received when my Lovely Sister beat me up…

I really had lots of things in mind.

But when a opportunitty arises, you have to snatch it.  You have to take hold of it like you’ve been chasing it forever! You must not go to bed until it’s accomplished!

***Translation: My family is always good blogging material.***


Today at around Noon, I walk out of the barn (where I was feverishly working, mind you) to find my Dad laying out in the sun.  You might think that this is an unusual sight but really, it has become quite a common sight these days.

You see, he wakes up at 5:30 a.m. or earlier everyday and doesn’t stop working until all the work is finished. All the time he is working he is wearing a long sleeve shirt, jeans, hat, and boots. In other words, his skin rarely sees the sun.  This makes my Dad think that he needs more Vitamin D so laying out in the sun is the only answer.

My Sweet Mama works just as hard as my Daddy at the house. Whether it be in the yard, in the house, in the barn, or wherever else she can find something that needs fixed.

I guess they deserve a little swim every now and then.

I try to be a good daughter. I really do.

But like I said, when an opportunity presents itself, you CANNOT let it slip away.

My Sweet Mama said these words to me when she came in from her swim:

“If pictures whined up on your blog, life as you know it will be forever changed.” 

Aw, thanks Mom! I love you too!

I know I always joke about how I’m saying “Goodbye Forever” because of some poor soul I’ve tortured that will take revenge out on me, but that’s never happened before.

Until now…

I’m sad to say my dear friends, that this really is Goodbye Forever.

Remember me when I’m gone.


Peace, Love, & How far would you go for a laugh? (Please don’t ever go this far.)

Sweet T

The Heat of Hugo

The whole Sandhill crew spent the weekend in Hugo, Colorado at the Colorado Championship Ranch Rodeo.

It was hot. Actually saying it was “hot” is kindof an understatement. Saying “We were basically sitting on the surface of the sun” would be more appropriate. Just take a look at the sunburn on my back and that really explains it all…

Or take a look at little Reno and Scout. Their faces really say it all.


Despite the blazing heat Hugo was a grand time.

We rodeo’d with the best of ’em this weekend. Everything from brandin’, to Wild Cow milkin’, to sortin’, to doctorin’, and even bronc ridin’. (Ignorin’ the “G” in everything I say in this post is completely necessary…or somethin’ like that.)

What makes the Hugo Rodeo even more memorable than the actual rodeo itself is that we camp out the whole weekend. The women sleep in the trailers and the men usually sleep outside because “shoot no we’re not sleepin’ in a tent or trailer!” says the tough men of Sandhill Cattle Company…

Mimi and Preston did the cooking over the weekend that made all our weary souls full again. Believe me, after bravin’ the wind and the heat we needed all the nourishment we could get.

In the end, Sandhill walked away with a win and a ticket to the World Championship Finals that are held in Amarillo every November.  This will be Sandhill’s 11th year in a row to qualify for the finals and that just tickles them pink.  Well, actually they don’t say “it tickles them pink” because I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t be tough enough for them.  I just say it tickles me pink because I like pink.

Ok, I’ll shut up now.


Peace, Love, & Hugo has a special place in our hearts…despite the wind, heat, etc., etc…

Sweet T

Never Underestimate a Horse

It amazes me what a horse can do.

I’ve always taken for granted just how athletic and reliable these creatures really are. Looking at some pictures I was lucky enough to catch over the weekend the thought came to my mind that it is a good thing they are so athletic and reliable because if they weren’t we would be afoot. Literally.

(“Over the weekend” meaning we were at a Ranch Rodeo in Hugo, Colorado which we were blessed enough to win. “We” meaning Sandhill Cattle Company. No me in “we.” I just consider myself a part of “we” because I am Sandhill’s A#1 cheerleader. Right behind all the wives, and mothers that will hurt someone if you mess with their boys.)

Horses carry some of our most precious cargo.


They can run at mind-blowing speeds. (Seriously mind-blowing, sometimes you actually forget you have a mind…Oh wait. Maybe that’s just me?)


A horse can jump, twist, flip, and flop in ways once thought to be impossible.


They are graceful and beautiful.

Forever and ever, Amen.


Peace, Love, & jumpin’, twistin’, flippin’, and floppin’ horses are best left ridden by the experts.

Sweet T