Country Livin’ & Mailboxes

I was born living in the country.

Most of my childhood was spent in the country.

I thought I would spend my whole life in the country but then when I turned 14 the dreaded, the feared, the inconceivable move to town happened.

Our family had outgrown our little country house by quite a lot and we need more elbow space.  (Literally, we could barely move our elbows without hitting something…my funny bone was losing its sense of humor.)  So the larger, “town house” seemed like a sensible idea. Right?

Oh huh uh…very wrong.

Don’t be confused here, we loved our town house.  It was pretty.  It was big.  It had 2 bathrooms, and soft, luscious carpet.  But it was NOT in the country.

And this, my friends caused problems.

We had lived in town no more than a week when My Dad runs from the house in the middle of the night, wearing his pajamas, and carrying a gun to shoot at the coyotes that were loudly howling at the moon.  I know this for a fact because me and my siblings were sittin’ on the roof, spittin’ tobaccy, and gettin’ ready to  go and skin us a coon.

Just kidding, we weren’t really doing that…I just thought it sounded appropriate.

Needless to say, our family is not quite cut out for the “city life.” So, naturally we moved back out to the country as fast as we could.

We can’t help it.

We just love the country, with its open fields and beautiful front porch views, and to be quite honest, we love the isolation.  Does that make us odd?

Oh, well.  I can handle being odd.  Especially if it means that…

We get a mailbox! (Maybe it makes me odd if I get excited about a mailbox? But can you blame me? I mean, it’s turquoise for crying out loud!)

Everybody was so excited about our new mailbox that it was decided it must be painted to stand out from its fellow mailboxes.

I know a mailbox isn’t exactly a qualification for living in the country but it is to us.  Because we have never had one before…and we all love it, and check it three times a day…as a family. Amen.


Peace, Love, & I’m gonna go ring a chickens neck now…

I’m kind of not kidding.

Sweet T





Happy Wednesday


Since it’s Wednesday (or “Hump Day” as Mama2Scout calls it)…

Since I’m feeling giddy…

Since exactly a year ago I became an “adult”…

Since I get to bake (and eat) lots of goodies today…

Since I went on bike ride this morning and our dog, Max, only slobbered on me once…

and Since…well, since it’s a beautiful morning…

I’m leaving you with these pictures.



Peace, Love, & Same hair-do…Same chubby cheeks…and Same love for red Geraniums.

Sweet T

P.S. Blog of baking adventures is sure to follow. Amen.


I can’t pass up…

Try as I might I can never pass up…

Beautiful scenery that makes me put on a sunbonnet, go “ahhhh” and then cry a little bit out of sheer joy…

Pictures with these cuties…and my Lovely Sister. (Just kidding, when she see’s this she will beat me up, no “if’s” “and’s” or “but’s” about it.) We might have missed the top of one munchkin’s head but it’s only because the grass seemed more interesting than the camera. I can’t blame him…it was some luscious grass.

Frozen Custard or A Steakburger. It’s just impossible not to see a sign flashing these delicacies and not submit to its power at once…Well, it’s impossible for me anyways.

If eating Frozen Custard and a Steakburger is wrong, then baby I don’t wanna be right!

Now lets move on before I embarrass myself even more…

An Indian Trading Post. Especially an authentic one like the ones in Oklahoma. (I’m being slightly sarcastic/slightly serious when I say this statement. Either way, please forgive me.) This trading post had everything from Pendleton Blankets to Hand-beaded moccasins.

I begged and pleaded and cried for these one-of-a-kind moccasins. But my parents said no.

So I settled for some Peanut M&M’s. Amen.

Peace, Love, & I hope all of y’alls Memorial Days was a memorable as mine!

Sweet T

On The Road Again…

I consider my family to be semi-world travelers.

Not because we have come close tor traveling all over the world but because we travel A LOT.

Mostly our travels occur in Colorado, New Mexico, and all over the large state of Texas. Not so often have they involved Oklahoma. That is until the last few summers.

Last summer, I made the trip to Oklahoma City twice (one trip involved me and about 30 other high school students cramming into a hotel bathroom to avoid being swept away by a rather large tornado. But don’t worry we didn’t get swept away…we just play poker with M&M’s the whole time.) My parents made the same trip three times that summer, and I have already made the trip once this summer.  We, as a family, will make the trip two more times before the summer comes to a close.

The first trip begins today.

What’s up with that?

There must be something in the water that is causing my family to feel the need to make this 6 hour trip as many times in one summer as possible.  There must be something in the water that is causing them to make fun of me too…and it must have been in the water since my birth. That glorious day that will be remembered forever. Amen.  (Just kidding, you can slap me now if you want.)

Well, whatever the reason is that is causing us to go to Oklahoma so much I won’t complain because it is  has been cause for some good times…

Times that made us laugh…


Times that made us sit on the edge of our seats…


And times that made us rejoice.

So as I head out to Oklahoma once again on this beautiful Sunday morning pray for me that I don’t develop a hick(er accent than I already have), acquire a bird dog, or lose a tooth. (Sorry, I just had to…)


Peace, Love, & God Bless Texas.

Sweet T

Oh Happy Day

As I sit here listening to the wind howl outside my window, and watch tumbleweeds, hay, dirt, cows, and other various objects blow past…

And as I listen to my Dad tell tales of the mornings work…

And as I watch my Sweet Mama open cans of “Delicious After Dinner Minter” that really contain no mints at all but rather pop-out-of-the-can-snakes…(She screamed and carried on for about five minutes.)

I am reminded of how thankful I am for…well, everything.

I am blessed with a sweet family, and a cozy home, and dozens upon dozens of Yucca (Better known as Bear Grass in these here parts) that are at my disposal to admire anytime I want, dig up anytime I want, or wish I could take a big bite out of them anytime I want. Amen.

Sorry, It’s a weird craving of mine.


Peace, Love, & Now go kiss your mama or something…

Sweet T


A Daddy in the Kitchen

My love for shrimp boil knows no bounds.  (I’ve been saying that a lot today. Always with purpose.)

It contains all the things in life I hold dear: potatoes, shrimp, corn on the cob, sausage, onions, and garlic.  The only thing that could make it even more special was if it had cupcakes in it.  On second thought that might make me gag…



Pop is the one responsible for getting this dish together.

He considers himself an expert shrimp boiler. I consider him an expert shrimp boiler too. Well, me and 50% of all Texans…

He had some help with the shrimp boil this time though…

My Sweet Mama, and some other kids that are irrelevant (just kidding they aren’t entirely irrelevant) helped out with the whole process.

They all chopped, diced, sliced, and stirred.  Then repeated.

But the one person that helped out that shocked all of us. (It shocked 50% of all Texans, 25% of all Oklahomans, and 10% of all Rhode Islanders as well.)

Was…*Drum roll*….my Daddy.

I know. I still can’t believe it myself.

You see, my Daddy is a complete stranger to the kitchen. He has made pancakes once in his life, ranch style beans and creamed corn (all from a can) only a handful of times, and Tuna Helper when he was in dire need of nourishment.  We can blame my Sweet Mama for this.  She has spoiled him rotten.  Amen.

So as you can see, when he came into the kitchen and was actually enjoying the whole “cooking” thing we were all stunned silent.

I managed to document this historic event.

Let’s all take this time to say a prayer of thanksgiving for my Daddy finally realizing that cooking is not something he is allergic to.  Let’s also say a prayer for me.  Because as soon as he finds out I blogged about this, I will not see daylight for the rest of my life.


Peace, Love, &  I’m now going to go and enjoy my last day of freedom.

Goodbye forever.

Sweet T

Busy Blogger is Back

Ok folks…I’m a little behind on my blogging.

If you are a usual follower (I call ya’ll my peeps) than this is nothing new to you.

If you are a new follower (I call ya’ll my peeps too…) then….welcome to Sweet T’s world!

It’s a world full of hurry, commitments, deadlines, and steak…lots of steak. Conclusion: It’s a happy world.

So I can assure you that I have not been not-blogging due to laziness, I have not been blogging due to busy-ness.

My busy-ness (I’m not real sure how to spell “busy-ness” because if I spell it “business” than it sounds like I’m trying to say I have my own business. Which I do.  It’s called Sweet T is on summer break and does whatever her parents tell her to. Amen.  So far it is a booming business. And busy-ness.)

Moving on…

My busy-ness has been due to several things:


Abilene Ranch Horse Finals.

This is the last thing I can remeber posting about.  I remeber saying that we had arrived safely in Abilene and were ready to shop ’till we dropped. Obviously I was voicing my own opinions with that statement, because my Daddy was not ready to shop. Well, that is, unless it involved a horse.

Abilene was a successful weekend.

Daddy and my Lovely Sister did well with all their runs (by “runs” I mean their performances) and My Lovely Sister was definietly the prettiest cowgirl there. And I know this because she looks just like me.

Someone feel free to slap me for saying that.



After Abilene it was time for cupcakes with my sweet cousin.

You see, my Lovely Sister was gone on a school trip, and I had a hankerin’ for cupcakes. I knew Miss Scout would feel the same way.


We made chocolate cupcakes (upon Scout’s request) filled with a strawberry puree, and topped with Marshmallow frosting.

They made me purr…I ate three.

Scout didn’t like them.

I cried.

The end.



After cupcakes it was time for Wheat Harvest with the Leavitt family.

Wheat harvest is something I have never personally took part in before, and actually I guess I still haven’t because I don’t think you can consider sitting on the combine “work” but I was there for moral support at all times.  It’s what I do best.

It was a grand time.

The wheat was beautiful.

The company was good.

The state was…well, not Texas but that’s ok.

And the laundry….


was done in a laundromat.

It was fabulous. (And I’m not being one bit sarcastic.)


After wheat harvest it was time for shrimp boil. Amen.

A shrimp boil prepared by this fellow….


for my Lovely Sisters FFA banquet.

It was a feast.

A feast that I shouldn’t’ve partook in because I was suppost to be on a diet.

The diet last 12 hours for those of you who are wondering…

What can I say? I enjoy my shrimp boil too much.

And my steak…

And my cupcakes…

And my yogurt covered raisins…

And my..well, my everything. Amen.


Peace, Love, & I think I’ll go eat a cookie now.

Sweet T