“Let’s get back to the basics of Love…”


The first person that names that song wins a trip to Luckenbach! (P.S. I’ve been to Luckenbach and let’s just say there’s a reason it was just Willie, Waylon, & the boys there…)

As school is coming to an end for the summer…

As children are starting to drive their parents nuts because spring fever has officially set in…

And as we are all going our separate ways…

I think it’s time to get back to the basics. (Of Love…)

I always think I’m too busy to do this or that or go here or there, even though I do more often than not, and I should be slapped for that. There is always a little extra time to lend a helping hand, write another paper, or offer another smile. That being said I am glad that all summer I will not have to write another paper…I think.

This summer, I will be driving back and forth from Colorado to Texas working at various places, doing various jobs that will be beneficial to my heath and overall well-being. (I haven’t said that phrase in a long time so I thought here would be the appropriate place…Oh and I almost just spelt “phrase” as “fraze.” That’s what I get for drinking milk after midnight.)

I do have a point here…

My point is that I am going to do more blogging but it’s going to have a new theme…I am going to document all my “adventures” and “travels” over the summer and…well..that’s really as far as I have gotten but, it’s new and improved so that’s all that matters!

I pray that you bear with me in these next few days because those days are FINALS. The time in his/her life that a college student dreads the most. I don’t have emotions anymore. I just have finals. I don’t have fun anymore. I just have finals…Just kidding, I still have fun. But you see my point…

So I’m letting Willie, and Waylon, and the boys help me to get back to the basics of love…




Peace, Love, & Until summertime…


P.S. Yesterday it was Willie Nelson’s birthday…Willie Nelson touched my head when I was a little girl. Ergo, yesterday was a celebratory day for all us Willie followers. The End.




Superbowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday is imminent. In fact, it’s tomorrow.

Words cannot express how excited I am about this!

Just kidding, I honestly don’t know who is even playing tomorrow because 1) I never watch football. The only way I am even remotely interested in football is if the Cowboys are playing. And then, that usually makes me want to watch John Wayne in The Cowboys so I end up not watching football anyways. My relationship with football is a nasty one. I definitely don’t give it the attention it deserves. But I’m not sorry. It’s never treated me kind either. Except for that one time in 5th grade when it introduced me to the Jr. High quarterback. He was cool. I wasn’t. The End.

What I am excited about though, is Superbowl Food.

“Ahhhhhhhh” Angels sing when they think about the 7 layer dips, the mini-meatloaf muffins, the homemade pizzas, and the Cherry Cobblers that are eaten on Superbowl Sunday.

Wait, you mean to tell me that y’all don’t eat Mini-Meatloaf Muffins on Superbowl Sunday? Ok maybe that is just my family. But, I don’t care what you say, Mama to Scout can make a mean meatloaf muffin and I don’t care who knows it!

While you may not appreciate my Superbowl Sunday menu items I know that you will appreciate P-Dubs food choices. So take a gander here at The Pioneer Womans Superbowl foods. And you can thank me 10 pounds from now.

But….If on a whim you feel the need to make a Sweet T original I have a recipe for a Mean Superbowl Sunday pizza that’ll change your life, for the better of course.

Sweet T & Her Lovely Sister’s Superbowl Sunday Original Pizza Recipe (say that 5 times fast)

(It is mine and my Lovely Sister’s recipe because we always made it, never fail, when my Parent’s would go out on dates and we were left to fend for ourselves. Amen.)


  • Crescent Rolls…From a Can! (Don’t laugh)
  • Pizza Sauce or Marinara Sauce or Olive Oil
  • Bell Peppers (The little green kind preferably)
  • Tomatoes
  • Hamburger Meat
  • Mushrooms
  • Onions
  • Spinach (If you want to be healthy)
  • Pineapple
  • Cheese…of any kind.
  • More Cheese
  • Lemon Pepper
  1. Turn the oven on to 350.
  2. Cook your hamburger meat…Add lots of salt. Amen.
  3. Roll out your Crescent rolls on to a baking sheet.
  4. Pour your sauce (Marinara, Pizza, or olive Oil) onto the dough. We use olive if no meat is involved. It makes it a light, healthy, fresh pizza. And Sweet T likes that.
  5. Add your toppings! The more the merrier. The more variety the merrier too.
  6. Pop it in the oven until you think it is done. For the Townsend girls that is um, about 5 minutes…We like our crust very, very doughy.
  7. ENJOY.
  8. Oh, and drink it with a Dr. Pepper. Amen. (I’ve been saying “Amen” a lot lately too…Amen.)

So, as you can tell this Pizza recipe is kind of a joke. But please don’t underestimate how incredibly tasty and easy it is to make. It is always a crowd pleaser. Even though the “crowd”  I am referring to consist of My Lovely Sister & the Brahman Breeder.

Eat, drink, & Be merry my friends.


5 Things You Need to Know to Survive the Ranching Lifestyle

As I sit at work…working…or blogging…or both, I find myself thinking about life “back home.” Ok, so life “back home” is only an hour away but when you “grow up” and venture off to college and get a job you find yourself going home less and less and you also find yourself missing it terribly more and more.

For me, I miss my A#1 family first and foremost. They are the John Wayne to my beans, and the Feed to my Yard.

They are what I would wake up to in the morning. My Sweet mama always cooking breakfast, my Top-Hand daddy already slaving away at Sandhill (but don’t worry the Top-Hand can always make the 2 mile trek back to the house to grab some breakfast if he’s hurtin’ very bad) my Lovely sister still in bed, and the Brahman Breeder already outside feeding his chickens and playing with Max.

Why is it deemed proper that we leave home again? Somebody please remind me….

I also miss our Sunday lunches after church, our family get-together’s, that tree in the back yard, my paint room/Top-Hands saddle house, the cat whose name I can’t remember, the pot hole in our driveway, the bean bag in the living room, and countless other things.

So….after thinking about all this I started thinking about the essentials. The essentials every man, person, woman, family, and whatever else you are needs to know to survive the ranching lifestyle.

Number 1. PRAY.

I think we forsake the power of prayer. Prayer can move mountains, and if you pray hard enough I bet prayer could even move that herd of cows to the South pasture with a little more ease.  Now, I’m not saying that prayer is going to help you win the Ranch Rodeo but it is going to help you in your relationship with God and that my friends is all that matters.

Number 2. WORK.  

Duh. Working is good for the soul. And when you work with my Top-Hand daddy it’s good for your athletic skills because if you’re not fast or agile then you better get that way. I’m still working on becoming fast and agile by the way… I get sick of seeing kids/adults/whoever else not working. Working keeps you humble, keeps you well, and keeps you young. Amen.

(Is it ironic that I am blogging while working? We will call it multitasking.)  

Number 3. Eat Beef.

You all had to know that was coming.

I mean, what kind of ranching family are you if you don’t eat beef?! Just the other night, me and my roomies, being the poor college girls that we are, took some steaks that my Sweet Mama had generously sent home with me, and we grilled them. We feasted on them. And then we were happy. Happy because beef makes people happy. And that’s why cattle and the ranchers that care for them will forever hold a special place in my heart. They feed the world after all…

Number 4. Play. 

After you get done working you must play. Even my Top-Hand daddy use to come home from the Feedyard with whelps on his back the size of a small country from having dirt clod wars in his round pen. He really is a kid at heart. And I think we all should be. So stop what you’re doing, go grab your kids, your friends, or the bum on the corner and have a real quick dirt clod war…It’ll do a body good.

Number 5. Love.

The bible says it. The Beatles said. And now I’m saying it. I think we get caught up in life much to much and we forget the simple things. Like how fun it is to go play an impromptu game of kickball in your backyard, or how good Chicken Fried Steak tastes, or how much you love that old pickup you’ve had since forever and a day ago. Whatever you’re doing, I hope that you love doing it and, don’t forget to let people know that. Find joy in simple things. Find lots of joy in big things. And don’t forget that you have managed so far to survive the Ranching Lifestyle.

Congratulations partner.

What’s Been a Happenin’

I’ve been MIA for um…ok, for the whole semester. So, I feel it is my duty to tell you what I have been doing for the past 4-5 months.

I just felt like this should go in here...

I just felt like this should go in here…

For starters, I resumed my trip to the Grand Canyon with my best friend Thelma. She didn’t make it…

Just kidding.

When I wasn’t going to school, which was quite often since I’m not the most studious person in the world, (Don’t tell my mother…) I was doing one of five things:

1. Working for the ever lovely Emily. The owner of Broken Spear Designs. She keeps me busy learning new things about the graphic design world and has helped me stay atop of the latest fashions. (She also sends me stylish Christmas presents…Thanks Em!)

2. Working at Texas Trio. A furniture store/clothing boutique in Amarillo, Texas. I can’t even spell out for you how cool this place is folks. It’s B-E-A-U-T-full of Western Glam. Amen. (P.S. Another job Emily helped me get.)

3. Working at the Cattle Range. The Cattle Range is a website where you can sell your cattle…FOR FREE. We have people call from Texas, Louisiana, Canada, etc., etc…        It’s a job that keeps me on my toes constantly and I love it. I owe my dear friend Jayce Jane (a Kansas native and forever Wildcat fan) for helping me get that one!

4. Painting for Cherrycow Headquarters. No matter what I fill my days with they just don’t seem right if there’s not ALOT of painting involved. So, I spend as much time possible as I can painting suitcases, clothes, the carpet, etc…

5. Spending time with my family and friends. Because after all, what is a girl without her best compadres and a bowl of John Wayne beans in front of her ever going to amount to?

Now that I’ve bored you to tears, I think I’ll go watch Thelma & Louise.

Pop: Cuff Maker Extraordinaire

It’s time to brag on Pop.

Pop does a lot of things for his grandchildren.

  • He brings us gifts on Valentines Day without fail.
  • He drives through miles of blizzard conditions to retrieve the coveted Krispy Kreme donut.
  • He would always pick us up from school with only a moments notice.
  • He lets me sit in The Chair. (His chair.)
  • And he makes us things.

Beautiful things are what he makes his dear grandchildren. Whether it be bits, spurs, or a cuff that would make any fine jeweler spit in envy.


This is the cuff I requested be made for me over Christmas break.

You see, I have always considered myself Pops favorite. Now, this illusion is only in my head and has always brought me great comfort so people just let me belive it. I thank these people. But, when I returned home to find that Pop had made my Lovely Sister her very own cuff FIRST, I was distraught. I immediately called Pop and demanded that he make me cuff or be cut off forever.

I wish I could say that I am kidding but I am not. No I’m not spoiled…why would you say such a thing?

So Pop, being the A#1 Grandpa that he is, immediately complied and furnished me with my very own David Temp original.

And I will wear it err’day for the rest of my life. Amen.


Oh, and we also worked out an agreement that he is to make Engagement Rings for me and my Lovely Sis when that time comes…Amen again.

Christmas with the Townsend’s

Merry Christmas!

Christmas at the Townsend household today has been nothing short of “merry.”

We started the day off with a large and in-charge breakfast, went into a round of Dart gun fighting (that would be the Gentlemen of the house’s doing…the ladies stuck to facials) and we have been watching Western/Christmas movies all day. Only to be interrupted twice. Once by family. (Typical) And once by chores. (Stupid Chickens)

(We also had a steak dinner…No big deal.)

One of the many movies we watched today was “Little Women” a classic that I grew up watching in the home of Mimi with my auntie Tori.

I begged and pleaded today so that we might watch this “feel good movie” of the century and naturally I won. Some may say it’s because I’m spoiled but, I say it’s because I’m the favorite.

Moving on…

As always, when watching Little Women I tend to get inspired by the spunky character Jo March, and feel like I need to go conquer the world. But, since it’s cold and dark outside I can’t necessarily conquer the world right now… So I’ll stick to blogging. Amen.

I’m going to use the words of my 10-year-old brother right now. He may not seem like the sharpest knife in the toolbox but let me tell ya…the boy has some good points.

“This has been the best Christmas ever. I always think each Christmas is the best but, this one DEFINITELY is.”  –The Brahman Breeder

This has been a simple, homey (literally,) white, food-filled, and wonderful Christmas.

And I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures to capture it’s spirit…Duh.





Now, let’s all go finish this Christmas like champs.

Eat a few more cookies, laugh at a few more scenes of The Christmas Story,  tell a few more stories about Christmas past, and be Merry.



Hi folks.

It’s been brought to my attention that it has been awhile since I blogged last.

She’s so sweet. Really, I just love her. Except for when she’s glaring at me…then I get kinda scared.

Anyways, I could give you tons of excuses for why I haven’t been blogging. I could drone on and on for hours on end about how much studying I’ve been doing, or how much entrepeneuring I’ve been doing, or how paint is my new make-up. But I won’t do that. Mostly because the studying part is a lie. Sorry Mama.

Instead I am going to tell you this…

I have groupies…ahem, I mean roomies that I love greatly.

They’re my peeps.

They’re my compadres.

They’re my partners in crime. And yes, that crime usually does involve large amounts of Dr. Pepper. We live on the edge.

Shandandi and Abigaily. Together, no one can stop us. Amen.

I’m also going to tell you this…

I miss my family.

They are my “Cowboy” to my “Indian”

and my “Cornbread” to my “John Wayne Beans.”

As we speak, some of my family (I won’t mention names ahem, Mama, Daddy, Tori, Riley, Scout, and Reno) is in Oklahoma City at the USTRC roping their little hearts out.

They better do good and bring me something good.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Actually, that’s all I have to say for tonight too. With the promise of more blogging to come!

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday soon and for the rest of your life!

(Name that movie…)


Peace, Love, & It’s been awhile since I’ve said “Peace, Love”

Sweet T in the Hiz House